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Rotary Coating Unit

20 February 2012

Rotary Coating Unit (RCU)

FMS are delighted to announce the introduction of the RCU (Rotary coating unit) to supplement the existing range of no-bake mould handling systems on offer from FMS.

The 4 station RCU (Rotary Coating Unit) is designed to handle either flask less or flask moulds and consists of the following functions:-

Moulds are stripped and exit the Rollover Draw stripping machine.

The mould is indexed onto a rubber belt conveyor (station 1).

The conveyor/mould is raised into the waiting manipulator clamp arms located from a central pivot column.

Clamp pads securely grip the mould allowing the conveyor to return to the down position.

The loaded manipulator arms rotates in increments of 90 degrees to each of the work stations...1) Load station...2) Inspection Station...3) Coating Station..... 4) Unload/flame off station.

At station 2 the mould can be rotated and arrested throughout 360 degrees for inspection and dressing purposes.

At station 3 a mould also arrives for flood coating and painting. Again the mould can be rotated and arrested in any position through 360 degrees. This is ideal for draining of excess fluid.

At station 4 a mould also arrives. A rubber belt conveyor rises via scissor lift mechanism and contacts the flood coated mould. Clamps release, the mould is lowered to the down position.

All actions are concurrent when the system is operated continuously, this gives a possible time cycle of 120 seconds for the fully automated version utilising a single operator.

Finally the moulds are indexed onto a rubber belt conveyor for firing off, coring and closing before being transferred to the casting system. (depending upon final layout and level of automation)

See 3D animation of proposed installation using the Rotary Coating Unit (RCU)

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